Silfra originates from a study of the interaction between two materials, water and silver. Silver is a precious metal that mankind has cherished for a long time. Emphasis is put on not going the conventional way of processing it. To rather work with the natural qualities of silver and escape the battle of trying to force it to behave against it’s will.

Instead of casting molten silver into a manmade mold the silver is cast into water. The water becomes the mold. The result is an explosive array of shapes designed in collaboration with natural forces.

Organic colours emerge on the surface of the silver with this casting method. These colour formations would under usual circumstances be polished away but this time they are left intact. The silver will develop a darker colour with age due oxidation. It is ever-changing. There is a beauty in uncertainty. Perfection in imperfection. With this process each jewel becomes unique. Nature is a forever-flowing system, always in movement, never still.