USELESS explores the current value of icelandic reindeer byproduct to create contemporary design projects aimed at urban people. The first offspring of USELESS is a garment & accessories line made out of limited source reindeer leather. Inspired by the street style of modern day women who choose comfort and mix sports elements with dressy ones.

Reindeer have a short history in Iceland. They are imported animals that were introduced from Norway late in the 18th century, originally for farming but were never domesticated. Today there are around 7000 wild reindeer in Iceland and their population is controlled with seasonal hunting permits to protect the environment. This ensures they do not damage the fragile highlands or grow unsustainable herd sizes. 

Most of the hunters are after the meat. Some local craftsmen and designers make use of the skin, bones, antlers and hooves but still a very large amount of these precious byproducts go to waste every year mainly because of a lack of traditions regarding utilization of the materials.  USELESS aspires to change this and produce new traditions in contemporary context.

Images: Anna Maggý